April 04, 2018

Hey guys!

Little bit late but still ... HAPPY EASTER! How did you celebrate the holidays? Some special traditions? I would love to shear with you guys tradition what we have in Slovakia and a lots of people don't know that something like this exist.

On Slovakia we (girls) waiting home for the guys to knock on the door. When girl open the door, guy whips her with whip and splashes cold water on her. Then spray her on the top of her hair with parfume. And girl need to give him a egg, money and some food. This tradition means something. They whip you, splash you with wather and put on you parfum that girl is healthy and beautiful for rest of next year. I know that this tradition sounds crazy and horrible, but it's not that bad (of course matters what guys come to the doors. I personally never haven't bad experiences and guys was kind to me. :D But this Easter in USA, has been without wather and whip. :)

And that I don't writing just about traditions, so I have some products what are in my wishlist and this my wishlist I would like to shear with you guys. And maybe you already try some of this products and can let me know how you like it. :)

LA Splash X Katarina Van Derham Glamour Garden Collection

Amazing and beautiful model, actress, publisher and make-up artist Katarina Van Derham create a collection of lipsticks. The collection is based on Katarina's glamourous life and her love for cruelty free beauty. And why is this lipsticks colletion in my wishlist? No only that I like the fact that this lipsticks are cruelty free and have beautiful colours, but the packaging itself is so georgeous. And what is the best on the packaging, that you use him as jewelry box! 

Chameleons Gels by Madam Glam

Next product on my wishlist are these beautiful gels. Why they really interested me, it's because they would never be accurate since it would keep changing based on the temperature of the room. Isn't that interesting? Did you try them before? If yes, definitelly give me know bellow in comments how you like them. :)

Manuka Honey Coffee Scrub

If you read my blog since beginning, you know that I already try Mr. Bean Coffee Scrub (read article HERE).  And I was really excited about this product and I love it. So that's why I would love to try this one as well. It contains a lots of good stuff:

• Caffeine - stimulate blood flow and help reduce cellulite, stretch marks...
• Demerara Sugar & Himalayan Salt - removing dead skin, acne, blackheads...
• Coconut oil - hydrate & moisturise your skin.
• Cocoa & Vitamin E - protect the skin, rejuvenation...

And whats really good on this product, it's Vegetarian Friendly / Cruelty Free / No Parabens / No GMO / Organic + Natural Ingredients

Do you have experiences with some of these products? If yes, please let me know in comment what are your experiences and how you like it.

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